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blueqat Research: past, present and future

Welcome to the blueqat research team, where our goal is to produce quality and influential research. As this is the first blog post in this website, I wish to elaborate upon our research areas and interests.

As it has been mentioned before on our main website, our vision is to solve difficult problems of humanity, and our mission is to realize quantum computers for data centers. To this end, the goal of our research team is to focus on theoretical research in the following main (interrelated) areas:

  1. Quantum Computing and Quantum Information: Development of new quantum algorithms for speeding up classical algorithms, using tools such as Phase estimation and Amplitude Amplification.

  2. Machine Learning: Exploring the fundamentals of classical and quantum learning theory to provide algorithms for problems in various scientific disciplines.

  3. Graph Theory: Extensive study of both classical and quantum graph algorithms, and graph theory in general, to better understand social networks and their properties.

Our past work in these areas are available in the Publications page, which will be updated with new work as soon as they appear online. This blog shall also serve as a log with details of our talks, conferences, papers and preprints.

Finally, we wish to emphasize that our research is quite interdisciplinary in nature, and we are currently working on both collaborative and independent projects in the areas of quantum machine learning algorithms, graph algorithms, quantum chemistry, quantum optics, and computer graphics.

Please feel free to contact us at for queries about research projects or potential collaborations.

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